Big news from GEMS today, hitting massive graphite on a Rockstone step out hole!

The RS-22-03 step out drill hole was completed and intersected 4 separate intervals comprising of a total of 45.5 of semi-massive to massive graphite.

GEMS has expanded the drill program with an additional hole, RS-22-04, as a northern step out of RS-22-03.

Plus, GEMS has upgraded the flotation concentrate from core samples from the GC-12-01 discovery hole to 96.1% Cg and is actively working with SGS Canada to conduct flotation and hydrometallurgical test program on a 2.7kg sample. The goal of this program is to explore production of EV battery grade graphite derived from the Rockstone Project.

GEMS CEO Zayn Kalyan commented: "Hitting massive graphite alongside sulphides has given us valuable data that will assist in visualizing the structure and trend of the Rockstone deposit. The observed mineralization has warranted an extension of the program with the drilling of the RS-22-04 hole"