TORONTOJan. 25, 2022  /CNW/ - Wondr Gaming Corp. (CSE: WDR) (CSE: WDR.WT) (the "Company" or "Wondr Gaming") is excited to announce that Wondr can now mint NFTs on the Solana blockchain in addition to Ethereum, as part of their Shopify Blockchain ecosystem partnership. Achieving this milestone creates a blockchain-agnostic, white-labelled NFT solution for partners across gaming, sports, music and retail, allowing Wondr partners to choose from a growing variety of blockchains in order to build and scale their NFT offerings.

"Our multi-blockchain offering is a significant competitive advantage for Wondr Gaming, and therein our NFT clients, which currently range from professional sports leagues and organizations to musicians and gamers. As we continue to invest in building our systems and I.P., we will continue to innovate and integrate new technologies into our NFT platforms to allow Shopify customers generate more NFT revenue." - Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO of Wondr.

"As applications for NFTs continue to evolve, each blockchain provides a unique set of benefits clients can choose to achieve different utilities, such as lower minting costs, to minting on a blockchain that has a lower carbon footprint. Our multi-blockchain offering gives clients choice in an evolving marketplace that demands innovation." -  Dr. Robert Palmer, Senior Vice President, Wondr Gaming

Solana is one the fastest growing blockchain platforms globally, with more than 400 projects spanning multiple blockchain solutions. Due to its extremely low minting cost, and robust transaction speed, it has enabled businesses and NFT projects that were previously hindered by higher minting costs, to go to market with competitive pricing. By offering easy access to Solana minting through our Shopify app, Wondr is an option for thousands of current businesses located within the Shopify Plus ecosystem, allowing them to take advantage of NFT revenue generating opportunities.