I first started investing in Bhang about 2 years ago after listening to
several interviews by Scott Van Rixel...founder of Bhang...a very
intelligent strategic articulate guy....he did spell out that he thought
one of the big Chocolate Companies ultimately would probably buy
Bhang ..at some point! ...Jamie Pearson I Think was headed down that
pathway.....I think her goal was to build up Bhang name and sell business
to a big chocolate company....sounds like a pretty good idea!  Obviously
that didn’t happen....Pbic’s goal I think was to build a more diverse Cannabis
Company around the Bhang Name! ...more of a long term business
strategy ...So this will probably work out to advantage of all concerned!
I believe Graham S...is a capable Deal Maker ...now as you say we need a 
a new Cannabis CEO....who will be in tune with Pbic’s strategy!
We will no doubt see some changes in Company direction in next
few months!   The Bhang name is a very important part of our future! JMO!
Jamie no doubt has other things .....to achieve...probably nothing to do
with Cannabis..my guess....just my thoughts!