Not sure of any kind of expertise that PBIC can bring in regards to chocolate, maybe as fund raisers for capital raising.  There's been a bunch of deals by PBIC, I think, trying to find a winner that they can coatail on and as far as getting scooped up by a chocolatier, there is lots of good chocolate out there that might not need BHNG's recipe but formulate their own.

I can see a future for BHNG as a medically used product that arthritics, anxiety burdened people or patients looking for sleep aid with their CBD infused chocolate as a much nicer way to treat yourself rather than combustables and can be done discreetly, anywhere.

BHNG needs to capitalize and build on its strengths and I see our brand on shelves of retailers and I hope our connection with TRUL will bring in some good numbers that should bolster our shareprice.

Lots of marijuana businesses are picking up favourable products to help round out their profit picture and TRUL is no different, but clearly better run than BHNG.  

If TRUL can bolster BHNG's numbers, maybe they would be an acquisitor.

I hate to think that this could just fade away into oblivion for not being able to show some positive revenue, but it could happen right along side the huge amount of players that shouldn't be in this field.

Big fish swallow up little fish and there is already a feeding frenzy happening.  Being able to raise cash to get to the point of profitability is going to be key.

Some fresh management is in order to capitalize on award winning chocolate imho.

I talked with a chocolatier that was bought in to another company to build their brand that might be interested.  Name escsapes me but he built Gremaldi Chocolates and when I talked to him, he told me that he is motivated to make things happen but I think the major shareholders interferred too much and deliberately tanked the company for the shell that they picked up later.

glta and dyodd