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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum Tenet Fintech Group Inc Com C.PKK

Alternate Symbol(s):  C.PKK.W | PKKFF

Tenet Fintech Group Inc. is the parent company of a group of innovative FinTech and AI companies. Tenet's subsidiaries provide various analytics and AI-based services to businesses and financial institutions through the Business Hub, a global ecosystem where analytics and AI are used to create opportunities and facilitate B2B transactions among its members.

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@ the Bell: Markets reclaim lost ground
Another session of broad gains helped power Canada’s main stock index to another solid close higher on Tuesday. Markets have regained some of their recent losses.Sponsored by ... read article.


Wait and subscribe to PP..... Probably $1.00/unit (1 sh +1 wrt)  rate and reply

Cyber Security Co. To Acquire Market Leading Digital Entertainment Company

We believe that this acquisition is an exceptional first step to gaining a foothold in the European and North American cyber security markets. This acquisition almost doubles the size of our technology team, allowing us to on-board new customers quickly and efficiently, and will allow us to generate revenue expeditiously more


The $1.20 level was a must buy on dip... The bottom is always a guessing could take the sp down to below a $1.00..? OK,,will be waiting for the news on the next more
@ the Bell: The dead cats bounce again
Canada’s main stock index surged on Monday in a broad increase across sectors led by the energy sector. The price of oil topped US$80 a barrel.Major indexes on both sides of the border ended a... read article.

RE:The gig is up!

Your bib is up. No one cares about your bogus warnings. Go bash your other lame pennytard stocks you're frequenting.  rate and reply

The gig is up!

Investors caught on to these guys games. Going to drop to $1 this week, you were warned! Dont come crying to me on my shoulder, i will just tell you,' i told you so'.  rate and reply

RE:Debtet fintech

You guessed wrong @$$hole. Stick to your cruddy pennytard SBBC forum.  rate and reply

Debtet fintech

I hear they're changing their name to this  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:That is my last post on PP

I didn't mean anything specific by it. But he's a dipsh1t coming on here trying to steal from others with fear-mongering in an attempt to drive the share price lower and lower. At least more

RE:RE:That is my last post on PP

He is CANADIAN! When you sink to insulting people whose opinions you don't share by  using epithets surrounding their ethnicity, you debase yourself. Have some respect FFS.  rate and reply

RE:RE:Fire the CFO

  The problem is the last financing was well a disaster when the sec pulled the fast one, now they got to make amends at guess who's expense.   rate and reply

RE:That is my last post on PP

I figured you were either French or Asian due to your small grammatical errors here and there...... I see now you're of French background. "Because that's what do paid basher" more

That is my last post on PP

I said everything on PKK Everthing has happened like I said on PKK My last post was my conclusion; This stock is underway To receive a permanent halt for bigger investigation; Bonne chance more

RE:.60 soon

What's the matter with you Dim Slanders?  You losing your ambition???? You should try posting ".01 soon".... would help make you more profit with your shorting scare-mongering.  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:Oh, Tenet will survive alright

I was referring to selling one's shares hoping to buy it back later at a lower price and perhaps adding more shares with the money saved.......... but then stock price rising and FOMO setting more

RE:RE:Oh, Tenet will survive alright

You talk about being in the market 30 years then end your post with "don't get squeezed chasing" like some typical beginner. If you're in the market 30 years you should know more

Why having transfer 44m in third parties in China?

No one cover that point; This transfer was suppose increase revevue and did not; An tey intend to transfer up to 10m in the present offering??????????? Answer : With $ in China - more

RE:RE:Recipe for how to kill a stock price for a cheap PP

high debt will sink ya, prime example here  rate and reply

RE:Oh, Tenet will survive alright

Brutally blunt and extremely accurate  rate and reply

RE:Oh, Tenet will survive alright

I've been investing in stocks for almost 30 years. Made a lot of money and lost a lot of money and learned along the way. Personally, Tenet has been one of my greatest finds that I have got more

RE:RE:Recipe for how to kill a stock price for a cheap PP

JJ and his team have grown this company from under a million to what it is today......... markets right now aren't the greatest as we all know, but patience is a virtue.  And as JJ more

Oh, Tenet will survive alright

It isn't going anywhere. If it didn't die in 2014, if it didn't die in 2017, it's not dying now. The cash inflows from financings keep coming. There is a clear hierarchy that PKK more