Section 9. Consequences of Termination

(a) General Provisions. Unless otherwise determined by the Granting Authority (including by the terms of the Award or the Plan or any resolution of such Granting Authority),

(i) if employment of an Employee, Officer or service of a Non-Employee Director is terminated for any reason whatsoever other than death, Disability, Retirement, for cause (in the opinion of the Company’s legal counsel), or if service of a Consultant is terminated for any reason whatsoever other than death, (A) any non-Vested Award granted pursuant to the Plan outstanding at the time of such termination and all rights thereunder shall wholly and completely terminate and no further Vesting shall occur, and (B) the Participant shall be entitled to exercise his or her rights with respect to the portion of any Option or Share Appreciation Right Vested as of the date of termination for a period that shall end on the earlier of: (1) the expiration date set forth in the Award with respect to the Vested portion of such Award; or (2) the date that occurs 90 days after such termination date;