It really begs the question or if you are listening or posting out of haste and anger.  

Everything I know is punlicly out there.  They are working with their announced JV partner to put a product on the market.   When?  I don't know? Soon, sure that makes sense, but it also made sense last time when he put all that release in 6 month stuff on YouTube.   I don't know anything that isn't public at this point, never did.  My relationship with Sen is based on a mutual respect and we mostly talk science and what can be done with the plant.  I am not privy to timelines and if I push on that I get no response at all.   There are no rules being broken on my side, it's the people speaking with certainty about this failing, Sen being a liar and a snake oil salesman that are putting them self at risk.  There have been cases where stockhouse posters have been litigated for their derogatory statements that have been proven false.   

The big problem is that everyone is angry about their current position, previous dealings and the loss of cash without seeing a viable pathway to market.  That's not stupid in anyway, that's the reality, but my relationship with Sen has allowed me to infer his intentions and know that they are genuine.  I have also been able to weasel my way into the testing portion with the KCi team and taste/experience the THC version of APP.    Combine this with being able to experience Kalo thanks to a good dude down in the Jersey area.    This gives me a unique view point on the technology, the business and the partnership with KCI that very people can boast about.  

It's all my opinion that this has a strong future and it's based on doing more intensive research and spending the time looking into the viability of the technology and partnership they have created.   The Pilon family is awesome and I believe what I see.   

if this is truly open for dialogue than try to trip me up, everything to date has a reasonable explanation.  It is very disappointing for sure, but because I have a strong belief after doing all the research, meeting all the people involved and trying the tech I believe I have a better understanding than those that are looking at their investment accounts prior to venting their angry here or in other spots.