He can run the Quebec economy on high priced unhealthy milk instead of gas and oil.
What? Oh, I didn't know that you can't put milk in an ICE internal combustion engine!
If Maxime Bernier can win the conservative vote from Andrew Scheet, then supply management can be flushed down the drain along with Couillard who is just another incompetent turd that needs a frontal labotomy to cure him of his insanity. He has a brown spot on the tip of his nose from kissing up to the prime minister's rear end. Only Bernier will be able to deal equitably with Trump on trade, since all the others are miscreants and gender bending loonies.

I say to Couillard, don't have a cow man when supply management is defeated and Bernier successfully protects Canada from a US trade war, and you are no longer Quebec premier.
He can go and "eat cake" and eat poutine and he can drink milk. Heh, heh, French fry.