They can compete in the market without merging with Tinley & Blaze

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Tinley had the largest Californian cannabis facility in terms of production before the merger with Blaze, adding Blaze's production capacity, licenses and other subsidiaries makes Tinley's/Blaze a real dominant player, not only in beverages but other cannabis formats, distribution & sales of point. If Jones wants to really compete in this market they will need their own licenses and facility, starting from scratch is much more daunting and time consuming than merging with a friendly party. 

Joe Culp

All right. Question number two, given the recent termination of the merger between Jones Soda and Simply Better Brands, are there any discussions in the pipeline for future mergers?

Mark Murray

Well, first, I'd like to say that we believe strongly in our current platforms and are very happy with the progress we have made at Jones. But as we have discussed before, we will look to diversify our portfolio in high-growth categories and channels. So we will remain optimistic and open to M&A prospects if it is the best interest of our shareholders.

Direct quotes from Jones Soda conference call on recent earnings.

Last month, Tinley successfully executed a merger with Blaze holding, effectively doubling their existing manufacturing capacity. With our high growth priorities, Tinley has quickly proven to be a capable partner that is willing to expand and adapt to meet our total manufacturing needs as we work to establish ourselves in the cannabis industry.

We have received extremely positive consumer feedback, that have generated high demand for our product as it hit retail shelves last month. Mary Jones Soda, a 12-ounce product featuring 10 milligrams of THC in four of our most popular flavors, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple, Orange and Cream, and Root Beer was intensely released in limited quantities to select retailers due to manufacturing constraints, we have since overcome. We are pleased to report that we are actively replenishing supply and we'll be ready to debut new products within the portfolio in the coming months.

The launch of our 16-ounce 100-milligram Mary Jones Soda will arrive with the same core flavors, and we expect this to be the most in-demand cannabis product yet. This will bring another high-margin product to the cannabis portfolio with the wonderful feedback and demand we've already seen in the initial product launch, we expect this to be another hit. Rounding out the product portfolio for the back half of this year and into next year will be our cannabis-infused carbonated Jones candies and gummies, which will be coming soon.

We already beat our forecasted cannabis product sales number for the entire third quarter by the end of July, and we expect this momentum to continue. Simply put, we are blown away by how positive the reception has been from the community. We have aspirations to become the number one beverage and edibles brand in the cannabis category, and we believe we are on the right path to meet this goal. Given the excellent reception, we have been hard at work negotiating and exploring partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and MSOs across multiple expansion states.

JSDA transcript from recent earnings call.

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