I understand the frustration, but the merger price is likely within the range I mentioned, I'd love to see a buyout above $1.00 CAD but unless there's a hostile takeover happening it's unlikely. It's not managements fault people bought at ATHs during a market bubble across the entire cannabis sector pending Canadian legalization. I hope I'm wrong but over time it seems a lot of things I've mentioned are coming to fruition. Retailers can get as mad as they want, I doubt Rick G & Blaze will lose any sleep when looking at their bank accounts lol. Now is the time to buy if you liked Tinley above 1 dollar when the company wasn't even licensed, 0 co-packers at the time and only Hemplify in the market than you should love the company and price now with everything going on with positive cannabis reform. Glta 

Reyninak wrote:
If going private pans out, it'd better be above $0.66... A lot of investors are in above $1... a level we were at 3-4 years ago. After all this time, if they don't at least break even, they'll be more than pissed.

sneakysneaky wrote:


Tinley's doesn't consider orders for 27 states material news? What more evidence do people need? This company mergerd with Blaze just as Jones Soda mentioned & is going private at 33c-66c.