Earnings estimates keep getting better which is a positive sign for CPG. On Yahoo the Q2 estimate has gone from C$.11 60 days ago to C$.14 currently. FY19 has gone from C$.27 to C$.42 over 60 days. 
TMXMoney shows Q1 60 days ago at C$.06 versus current at C$.21. For FY19 it was C$.20 but now is C$.48. 
Using the lower Yahoo FY19 translates into a P/E of around 10. Crystal balls can be cloudy, of course, but the more important factor is the direction of estimates. And that's UP.
A buy here for either a trade or a long-term hold might prove profitable althought there certainly could be some rough waters ahead before earnings. The one factor that could propel this higher is the chat between Trump and Xi at the G20. Difficult to base a decision on the erratic president, however. 
As I said in a post yesterday, I'm just waiting for the stock to pick a direction. Down around C$4 it's a solid buy. Punching through C$4.50 would also be a buy signal.
Stockta.com shows moderate support at C$4.29 and strong resistance at $4.64