I hope everyone's weathered the storm okay. I realized the other day that MWB's the place where I buy all my shoes, there's likely 4 or 5 of their stores in the city I live in! Anyways, I'm still liking XSEL, picked up a few more at the .50US mark. Haven't had as much time to investigate potentials lately, what with the Playoffs and all. I figure I'll have more time tonight, after my team buys out :( BNTI and it's big brother, SYD.V (Which should go to the Q soon), are a great steal at these prices. Both have rebounded nicely in the past 3 days, I managed to average down on BNTI, which I bought in Jan at 1.66 CDN and saw as high as $8.8CDN. Tell me what you think of them. I think a short for BNTI could be around $4, while a long could be $10-$15. Luck to all. harpo_mx