- Revenue: $15.93M This is up +276%, which stands with how Konrad rolls.
- Gross Profit: $3.12M | +595% YoY. I wonder if there's room for higher margins?
- Adjusted EBITDA: $74,539 for the nine months ended July 31, 2022. I think next quarter, the Company will well surpass this.
- 8th Q in a row of growth - Net loss is mainly due to acquisition costs (reflected by the share-based payments line item in the income statement)
- Total assets as at July 31, 2022 of $33.71M | compared to total assets as at October 31, 2021 of $15.94M

I think the acqusition costs are completely reasonable, I would like to see a larger spend on marketing however. It does seem the Company is paying themselves not agregously, nor are there any red flags when it comes to consulting, etc.


Based on these results, I am picking up more stock over the next couple of days.