Another important point the market is missing.

 Current resource is 1.2 Billion Lb Cu equiv (or 182 M Oz Silver equiv).
From a strike length of 3.4Km.
2019/20 drilling is from further 3.1Km of strike length.

 The widths are better, but the grades of Cu and Ag are very slightly lower. However, it is fair to say that the overall tonnage per Km will be very similar. (refer to page 15 of the company presentation from October 2020).

Therefore, the new resource could be awfully close to double of what we have already?
That is 6.5km (new strike length) divided by 3.4km (original strike length) times the existing resource.

Giving a new Copper equivalent of 2.3 Billion Lb of Copper. (Assuming the ratio for Cu/Ag price is as before).

 Cu price currently $4.13 Lb (US) thus giving us 9.5 Billion USD metals in the ground.

Yes, they are inferred resources and there is a lot of work ahead, but this potential is amazing for a company still valued under 10 million CAD.

No wonder the insiders/directors have so many shares in their possession (35%).

 This resource would be open pit and early studies indicated an NPV of $204 Million.
Copper and Silver have both increased by greater than 25% since the NPV calculation and we are also going to have a substantial resource increase as I describe above.

 If they were to publish a new NPV, I would expect something north of $500m Million.

  GLA Sharegar.