That's great in Ford's opnion re Ford recent press release ( ) that EV sales increased 100%+, albeit, come on Ford, forget about the % increase ... the volume alone in tandem with the massive recalls on such, etc. does not make for a good sustainable business model. 
Meanwhile massive decrease in sales in other areas.
Then there is the Ford debt, lawsuits, finished goods parked chipless all over the country, supply shortages, recalls, dealer concerns, higher selling prices, higher interest rates, inflation, et al at large. All of which are not going to dissipate any time soon in the foreseeable future. 
These facts alone do not justify the current exorbitant share price at Ford imho and others, regardless of what boiler room market maker "analysts" concoct re self serving  guesstimated cheerleading future earnings and higher share value. The current and foreseeable socioeconomic facts with Ford and other manufacturers tell all.
Enough already; the share price is long overdue for a serious downside correction imho and others re due diligence. 
Good health and trading to all.