Letsmakemoney9 wrote: If I'm the ceo of the grb , instead of wasting time in real estate at this moment  , I would rather  take the advantage of the biggest clean energy bill in America history , try it's best to get as more solar project contract as possible . Why just focus on Montalva ?  Why Grb can not get any other solar contract?  better start to make some phone call now , get some solar plant or solar roofing contract. This is the best way for The best interests of GRB.


Time's not wasted in real estate here at all by GRB IMO...

From Norada's September, 19 update:

'Despite a slower growth rate in the year's second half, the California median home price is expected to rise 9.7 percent to $863,390 in 2022, representing a significant increase from the yearly median of $786,750 in 2021.'

The lengthy report linked above does show some factual typo's and inconsistencies but the overall trend is still very clear.

Remember that the Californian real estate market differs from the market outlook in the US in general. It's still a buyers market over there. As affordibility declined (both in general US and in California), remember that Greenbriar also has the subsidized (and thus lower) interest rate loans card to play out to prospective buyers.

To me, Sage Ranch looks like a very desirable project to have at this moment in time and I'm looking forward to the November webinar.