"This latest feature release further confirms Helo's advanced capabilities to deliver mass-market, easy-to-use technology that can provide a significant impact in our users' lives, empowering them with more actionable knowledge about their well-being," says Sean McVeigh, Helo's Chief Executive Officer.

Recent research has shown that the combination of low levels of physical activity and the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the epidemic of obesity, poor weight management, and chronic disease[1]. Moderate exercise levels can lead to improved health and wellness outcomes and improved quality of life, as it helps improve cardiovascular health, build muscle, and burn fat[2],[3].

Fabio Galdi, Helo's Chief Technology Officer and Chairman of the Board stated, "We are delighted to launch our BIA technology worldwide. Now, more than ever, we need to continue to develop our Life-Changing Technology and incorporate it into our devices to deliver meaningful information to our worldwide users who seek to take action to improve their bodies in a more meaningful and controlled way. I am excited to hear their feedback once they realize that our devices can quickly deliver full-body analysis."