Recent update:

• Q3 revenue was up 25% YoY (Q2- up 15% YoY), but 5% below our estimate due to weaker global ad spending, amid the global economy, and a stronger US$.

• The revenue growth came from material improvements in key operating metrics, including 503M monetized impressions, and 255M video views.

Analyst estimate:

• Analysts are lowering their estimate by 5% to $16.2M because Q3 was weaker than expected.

• Tech stocks are expected to be under pressure in the near term, amid slower expected GDP growth, and as the Fed is expected to continue raising rates. That said, analysts expect the Fed to turn less hawkish by year-end/early next year, which should trigger a rally in tech stocks.

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‍ Question of the day: The ad revenue of significant players in the industry is down YoY right now. Are you still bullish on companies like Meta and Youtube? Comment down below!

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