LOL, who will they listen to.  So dramatic in your description;  the scientists with so many great ideas who ended up with one success after 15 - 20 tries or the new management who drove it into the ground and sold everything.  Owwwwww

Judge will believe those that have the facts to back up what they say.

How many times have scientists present great results only to fail under the scrutiny of FDA testing.  Not just these guys, but all scientists.  

After 30 years, how many tries and they had one that passed.

edrose wrote:

Like ryplasim (patients got over 5000 treatments with excellent results) also prometic patented plasma fractionating technology which is much better than the old Cohn process (look at potential of ivig) also presented great results re small molecules like 4050 results where better in human trials than they expected 

then there's takeover that was well planned starting in 2018 and ivig writedown of 150 million in early 2019 starting takeover and THEY GET RID OF PIERRE KAURIN,OUR LEAD SCIENTIST LYNNE GAGNON AND JOHN MORAN  AND THEY ESSENTIALLY STOPPED STUDIES  ,SELL ASSETS PAID THEMSELVES HUGE SAKARIES PAID BACK THEIR LOANS AND


all retail investors invested in prometics because of ALL great results and potential that was presented to them via news releases and at agm's 3 years before takeover 

who will judge believe prometic scientist/ceo or people who replaced them AFTER takeover