Investment thesis for Lynas currently trading at the US $1.15 level: Only miner AND refiner of RE outside of China. Unlike back in the GWG days this time seems real. US gov't support shared by other allies including Austrailia and Japan to build an RE supply chain excluding China with catalyst being EV manufacture which is largest user of RE product. US gov't backing for military uses. Expect this trend away from China to continue with increasing differences between US and China over Covid. Also world is seeing what a great world it is without carbon. The auto industry along with jobs is going to need to be rebuilt with gov't support post-covid and that is not going to be based on a carbon future. US and China are in a battle to rule the world for the the next 100 years and it will be based on RE unlike oil in the last century. Timing is everything but that is the way I see the world going.