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Metro Performance Glass Ltd MTPGF

"Metro Performance Glass Ltd operates as a glass processor. The group supplies processed flat glass and related products primarily to the residential and commercial building sectors. It offers a range of glass products, including low e double glazing units, deck balustrades, bathroom shower screens, splash backs, safety glass, double glazed windows, doors, and others. The company's geographical segments include New Zealand and Australia. It generates a majority of revenue from New Zealand."

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checkin out some penny oil stocks

this entire sector is a sleeper but it is worthwhile to sniff around when a sector is not in favour interesting company  good assets,  undervalued,  maybe looking to take this more


now mid OCT and nothing...LOL this is what is called dead money... and you dummys own it?  you are some dumb...LOL but... the execs still getting a fat pay... when that runs out they will more

$350K / Qtr in G&A, yep, getting paid they are

With cash and credit to go another 6 months I think...  relax, put yer feet up, have a cigar?  they are Cubans of course, and a brandy my friend...  welcome to my office at more

mid sept...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, this company is paying the two execs?  LOL  hard working guys huh?   rate and reply


just when I posted how boring this..... a massive 35 share trade crosses the tape! 35 shares @ 2 pennies... is..???? wow.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  rate and reply


exciting place to have your money?  no return on your money... for a LONGGG, LONGGGG  rate and reply

little trades

as in, small volumes each... like a few thousand shares, every week... lots of investors with several thousand shares, tiny stuff... deciding to sell for maybe $50... rather than hold and wait more

RE:RE:RE:numbers speak for themself

wow sonny are you ever dumb... what credible info have you posted here?  the 20 cent value rubbish?  LOL OH, I ain't all those other posters... but you are so dumb you will believe more

RE:RE:painting the chart

Portphullio  is this you now as ronnyridethebul ??   rate and reply


well, this lopsidedfool is pretty stooopid... no... really stupid... now along comes this other idiot saying this penny stock is worth 20 pennies... a 10 or more imes the trading price...LOL step more

RE:RE:painting the chart

20 cents a share? man you are an idiot... n o wonder you dimwits lose ll your money...LOL  20 cnts in your stupid dreams... just you think so, don't make it so.. more

RE:painting the chart

my gawd sonny you are such a loser and so dumb,....LOL I got to laff at you, owning shares in this junk... you lost almost all your money and you still are so blind... you still profess to love more

come on siily... get off with the bull!

how can you say RTN is... "not even a spec play"  cause the value???  not even a spec play?  this 1 or 2 penny stock with no money and little production and not spending more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

listen you uneducated siily donut.... vertex is behind this.... hell, the company would not do anything without vertex saying yes... man, oh man....  most likely vertex says sell out and more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

and you think RTN has the options to decide "which direction they choose to take it" ??? lol this company has no say,... they will take what is offered... they will get little cause more

RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

you silly fool... you cannot understand sarcasm.LOL  truth be told.. I did not buy 8 shares.. it was sarcasm.. that means it is not tru just a joke... gawd you are slow witted... no wonder more

RE:RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

bowles knows cause bowles does...LOL another winner here heard from... you make lots of money on RTN?  rate and reply

RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

Thank you for posting.  Like you I am still holding my shares as I still belive in the company and I agree with your numbers.  Stock House is full of people that live in their more

RE:RE:RE:the real numbers behind Return Energy

what was I thinking... you make perfect sense... so I bought in... got 8 shares at 1.5... yahooo... to the moon, alice...LOL a good clean corp structure, but too many shares with dilution from more

ronny thrown off th bull...LOL

seems you pick losers...LOL then the fool, states not many readers here,,, so I must be talkin to myself...LOL  then why are YOU posting if no one reads your rubbish?  talkin to more


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