hi all,  just a quick update on MULN,  i still own it and i have averaged down since March. Looking good into the summer as we have our annual meeting. I did get my mailing and all info so this company is real and doing great things for the US Economy.  As for the share price we should be trading in the $4 range and there are a lot of shorts out there. This market cap at $500million should increase in the billions and i would say going into 2023 we should should see at least $2billion plus. Unless we get what we need on the loan...As for TESLA you can see how they are growing thru hard times and the share price just keeps coming back!!  Also NIO stock has done the same. Any dips below $1 is a buy for MULN and the company is not gowing anywhere and they are moving forward.

cheers and good trading.  see latest video on YOUTUBE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4SSCaFtbzc