hi all,  do not be fooled!  The stock offering is a good thing and this will be big on cash!!  MULN once shareholders approve this big money offering the stock will rise and this is what we need!  Regardless of how this looks on the dilution it is actualy not that bad for the sector they are in!!  Actually this will be an alert for FORD, TESLA, GM, NIO and all other EV stocks.  To have a billion in CASH and only trade at $1 makes no sense!!  This stock will move higher and higher before they announce it so get ready. Look at NIO, LUCID  they did the same thing and stock went to $30 bucks!!  Also look how fast TESLA came back in the past week!!  As for MULN being built in America should scare FORD!  The battery technology is the best right now as more results come out. Also, you want to own a stock that can have ^%$#@ a lot of CASH in the bank during hard times right now in the market!!  Many oversea investors will be looking for the next big thing and MULN will be it.  Also,  take profits when you can so if you bought in under $1 good for you. Do not look at the dilution only the strategy this company is working on to have CASH in the BANK!!  This stock can be 5billion market cap for an EV maker in the US is small!!  So the share price will run before it happens and they want it to happen. Cheers and good luck and watch the share price for the coming days as this can be wild. Also,  Federal Reserve will announce rate hikes on Wednesday at 2pm??  so be ready for that also. With MULN looking to get shareholder approval...you have my vote and YES.  Lots of money coming in and this is what we want!!! Target $5 a share before they cut the deal and we can move back 2 billion market cap or more in the $2 to $3 range!