So have others speculated that there are huge amounts of gold in Queensway (QW)(and some have speculated theres less than others think and that whats there wont be economic, even a few ceos. Shhh). The gold bearing ores may run very deep(which is why they dont want to find it by drilling deeper than 300m), and we'll get a reading on that with the new survey to detect what the deep geology looks like in the near future.(cant wait)

It will take many years to know how much gold is in Queensway(decades at this pace), as this will be revealed over time by mining(mebe, mebe not), the same as was the process at the Fosterville mine(Fosterville Fostervile. A world away and has nothing to do with nfg regardless of what you want). But we already have a good idea that North Queensway can be mined(anything can be mined. Will it be economic is the question), and thus possibly provide all needed funding for development in the future(no because you have to build the mine before you can mine it and that costs money),  once mining commences(cart before horse).

The insiders involved in NFG have given numerous hints regarding what they believe the potential of QW is(Cliff doesnt do winkin blinkin and noddin no mo. Enry taught me that), and those hints are that they believe QW is HUGE.(do you think they would hint that its moose pasture)

Those hints include the following( squint hint?):

QW (or is it Newfoundland) may have similar potential to the Abitibi gold district(which is why its been picked over by mincos and prospectors for the last hundred years and yet there is only 1 producing gold mine and it loses money, compared to 100 profitable mines in the Abitibi in that time), where close to 200 million oz of gold was produced over decades(I can tell you more about that than I can shake a stick at. Might of even dug some of that up myself but dont tell anyone).

There may be many mines developed on QW(or none at all. Flip a coin)

Gold may be mined on QW well into the future, i.e. decades.(or not at all. Flip a coin)

The gold ore may extend down well over a kilometer(or only be at surface. I would flip a coin, but since they arent drilling deep my bet is its only near surface), as is the case for this type of geology(at surface. max 300 m on average worldwide).

QW is very similar to the Fosterville mine in Australia(why, because he said so? What does he know about anything?), but it's bigger(wanna bet?), just on the extreme north of QW(you made me laugh).

And, bottom line, the people who have made these hints(have sore eyes from all the winkin) ( they have to be careful what they say regarding seeming to promote the stock with as yet unproven statements(oh, so why do you assume they are correct then if they dont know themselves for a fact), as this is the carefully crafted rules for gold exploration companies(to stop them from bald faced lying about 10's of millions of ozs while wearing a burgundy jacket without a disclaimer page at the end of the video?) - as opposed to the crypto industry, which appears increasingly to be hugely dominated by total fraudulent entities(where do you think they learned their trade?) and outright thievery), I believe are honest and highly experienced in this industry such as Eric Sprott(no comment. He made me money. We are best buds for life), Quenten Hennigh(what economic mine did he find? None that Im aware of.), and the founders / managers of NFG(Spot? Nkg? cough cough). Also, look at the industry professionals who have come on board with NFG, quite impressive.(ES put a guy in place to keep an eye on the kindergarten)

You, the 24/7 Basher have zero credibility (says Snortin Mortin:)as it is obvious what your goal is. And, why haven't you answered the question I asked, which is 'Are you PAID to post here?(go find it if you dont remember because diesel fuel has fried your brain cells)'. Just say 'No' if you aren't(thats too easy. Go and find it). But, of course, you may be wary of lying(I would never lie. And Im not Bucc either,) and thus refuse to answer the simple question.....I'm not paid to post here(Who accused you of that? Show me and I will kick his a$$ for you). See, it's easy to answer the question.(I forgot what the question was)