The nasdaq will be hard to keep above 3000 monday it all depends on what downgrades come out before the bell in pre market. the most rigged market around. Now funny thing is investors are using the elections as an excuse to sell the market and why not? there are 1000 reasons to sell a stock only a couple to buy it. One thing that holds true is that americans always need to be in the limelight..That's why many in the world can't stand them. Canadians on the other hand?? people all over the world invite you with open arms. ***** Here's something to consider>>>> How the heck can all those old people in florida say they punched the wrong hole as to the reason why the race is so close?? I don't get it do you?? those same old people who have put out lawsuits are the same ones that can punch dots on 100 bingo cards at the same time!!! I laugh any harder I will pee my pants, It will be a wild week as many things to come out like options expiry week, big companies coming out with eanrings and the FED with the oversized head he has for his body will speak..I thing is when this market spins higher off what ever low it hit's it maybe explosive. Trillions$$$ on the sidelines here. Small stocks should not be effected to much by all this... Oh one more thing!!!!>>>want a little humour in your day??? onto this it will give you a laugh>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<< cheers, 8080