and although I like this Salt stock, it sure has taken a kicking in the last few months from highs of mid 4's back down to Redmoon sort of prices etc.

Anyway I digress to have been looking at other stuff, and exactly a month ago I came across a find by the name of First Hydrogen Corp. (FHYD.V), silly me looked a gift horse in the face as always @ $3.60 a share. Well bugger me, I watched and watched and totally whimped out on the idea of pulling the trigger on some of the wave. Now today, or what will be yesterday, it was at $4.91...very nice.  

To my point....I would appreciate any feedback on this Hydrogen Stock and where the hell it might be going.

Sorry I didn't share the love with you all wasn't my crystall balls that let me down on this one this time !!!

Good luck to you all as we try and navigate through alllll the bs speculation and manipulation of bad news/good news stories on a hourly, daily and weekly basis.