Regencell Bioscience Limited is a Hong Kong company which is fronting the uses of Traditional Chinese Medicine (”TCM”) to treat not only ADHD and ASD but also Covid-19 which shook the world back in 2020.

Regencell is currently a listed Company in NASDAQ market in the US with its ticker $RGC.

At present, RGC has treatment formula has test treated 19 patients (suspected or confirmed COVID cases). 12 of 19 patients which were treated exhibited improvements in their recovery after an average treatment period of 5 days.

An interview was held on SSN Network (The Official Small-, Micro- and Nano-Cap News Source™) which included Jay Lee, CEO of Regencell Bioscience Asia Limited, and Paul Niewiadomski, Independent Director; where they talk about the company, the procedures and protocols of their treatments and result findings.


Separately, while Mr Au, the company’s CEO and chairman was not included as part of the interview, he has been working in in the background in defending his company from the recent short seller and trader attacks on the company stock. Mr Au has bought back over $5 Million Dollars of company share since taking the company IPO.

Mr Au has mentioned “While the research is still ongoing, we strongly believe that our formula can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19."

Aside from the company’s positive progress in medical, the CEO (Mr Au) has shown his confidence in the progress of the company direction and not sold a single share since taking his company to Initial Public Offering (”IPO”) in Year 2020. Mr Au has pledged to not take salary and bonus (<1$) until the company reaches US$1 Billion market cap as his target.