Most importantly the healthiest balance sheet in a decade hence we live by Bay streets rules of mispricing. 

it's our chance to buy to our stash of shares weekly 

I'm not giving up my bundle . I really believe retail shareholders are out already . After all that has happened in 3 years since re organization I doubt anyone is interested in buying shares in a very boring stock flatlining from 38c to 42c . It's boring but boring is good in my books. 

buying at 70% discount to the cash & cash equivalents value of 1$ per share in the JV in Bahamas has me all excited. I have never been able to buy discounted value before as most stocks trade to the future of the hottest sector on the TSX. The EV Revolution. The cannabis sector went on a rampage in anticipation of the growth on the tsx back 5 years ago. This time around the EV Revolution is ramping up

the Barrons financial paper last week had an analyst come on and say demand for EV's is exponentially linear

sherritt has 0 premium to that future too .... no premium to the EV Revolution 

no premium for anything honestly

the 70% discount to the cash value per share of 1$ sitting in Bahamas is deafening for us shareholders 

usually discounts are given to companies that lose money quarter on quarter but Sherritt is making money quarter on quarter, hence the nuttiness of the tsx market makers from Bay Street 

they all overwrote the common shares of Sherritt and a day of full reckoning can come at any time

we can see it like a broken record - too many puck bunnies and ambulance chasers on the Tsx . 

I am just going to provide information daily on the EV Revolution that truly is pertinent to our shareholders. The corporate common shareholder owners of Sherritt international are the tsx broker dealers themselves 

I do not believe retail toys with penny stocks. Institutions own all of Sherritt through the long term bonds and their arbitrary naked common short sales against these bonds

undeclared naked shorts creating an imbalance of common stock and the broker dealers don't care

this has to be the only explanation for this mispricing 

1$ per share sitting in the JV but discounted to 37c on Tsx 

the value of Sherritt and its profitability annually has us thinking with 37c trading are we more apt to be bought out? Cuba won't sell but buying the discount for a breakup could happen too 

conjecture and speculation