Hey at least the stock didn't go down on earnings as it usually does...

Tough technical difficulities of the conference call, but here were some of my thoughts....

-decent start to broadening investor base. Sounded like there were more than 30 people on the call

-tricky story but thought it was a decent job framing out all of the moving parts

-Bally's was mentioned so many times and already seems so intertwined with Snipp/Gambit.  And now Snipp is hosting Bally Live app.   I wonder what else might be happening behind the scenes with the stock down 50% since Bally's bought their original 9% stake at $0.20

-the $10 million in source code that Bally's would need to pay was an interesting question that someone brought up

-agree that the martech competitive landscape is getting decimated right now.  They mentioned two that have recently shut down, but it sounds like more are also looking at layoffs and should free up fourtune 500 clients and good employees for Snipp next year.  They sounded confident in the core business margins of 60-70% that helps fund the growh of lower margin Gambit for the time being.

-from the math, looks like Gambit is now generating roughly $1mm a month in revenue with just Swagbucks right now so I sorta see why they are confident for 2023 growth rate and mentioned $75mm in revs by 2025 for the company

-stock rollback clearly remains top of mind as is moving exchanges when the time is right. Insiders own 50% of the company, so its clear they are incentivized to figure out how to drive value even as money flows into micro caps is super tough right now.