hard to believe a couple members of the discord group still email Sen and put value on his response,they have been used to convey his lies /deceit for three years!.Even now an email response from Sen recieves thumbs up of excitement from the few who monitor the board,it is so delusional.I stated some time back that the Discord board is not a healthy place for anyone trying to obtain unbiased info.The board moderator did not tolerate opinions of the company that were not extremly optimistic like his own.Over many months the moderator cliamed to have info directly from the CEO all of which never materialised.This company IMO will rise from the ashes  by summer and,at that time the moderator of the Discord board will shout out how he was always right.The fact is he was wrong for a long time and was a messenger of timelines for product release that never materilized.The moderators need to inflate his over inflated ego by wanting investors to know he had a special relationship with the CEO likely resulted in finacial harm to many investors.