Look old man.  I said in my post these warrants were risky.  I still have some warrants I bought at .30.
I don't intend to sell any time soon.  I have done very well on warrants and one time with a company hanging on by a shoe lace.This is strictly a gamble for me.  Better than buying a lotto ticket. Serafino and crew involved in a number of companies.  They have deep pockets and am sure they have plans for Denarius.  Looks to me like one of the Denarius backers could be selling their position. Yesterday a few thousand were on the ask most of the day.  When someone picked them up, more went up for sale. Someone is definitely unloading some of their warrants. I don't know why.  Like I said I do not consider this an investment but a gamble. If it doesn't work out I will have a nice tax loss. Accept you apology on the pump and dump comment.  This obviously is not a play for investors like yourself.