I looked at the B series with C$2.21 strike, April(?) 2024 expiry, 1 warrant = 1 share, and was tempted to pile into those.  However, they are terribly illiquid to get a position of size.  I accumulated the A series instead.  Their terms are 2 warrants plust C$5.50 yields 1 share.  I would not have bought them if it wasn't for their long dated expiry of July 29, 2025 (a little over 32 months).

Prior to the merger, there were three analysts who had their price targets north of C$10.  Now that M&I and overall resources have surged higher by 3 million ounces at Marmato, those price targets are going to go higher.

I'm expecting 2023 will be very bullish for precious metals as they are driven by the US dollar.  The US dollar hovering at 20 year highs due to interest rate increases will give way to the down side as they abate or the Fed starts cutting late 2023.