2 more questionable gold forecasts on Kitco. $1575 for 2023 and $1500 for 2024. Also, Fed has made noise that interest rates could run up to 7% in 2023.

So, what are the ramifications. 

Forget able stock markets (value say $20T). It's the housing market in the US that will suffer. Mortgage rates could go to 9% for a 30yr fixed. That may affect 40% of a $150T market of which 1/5th of $60T could be directly at risk. Think about it, $12T up for remortgage at 4x their previous interst rate. Result is similar to 2008/09....housing market falls 20% to 30% or more.

The next thing is a real hard economic slowdown. This means less tax revenue for a gov'mt that runs a 20% deficient annaully. $1T becomes $2T or $3T.

This also implies the $US index moves up to 120 or 125. What about the $7T in bonds held outside the US? China and Japan each hold $1T or more. What if they are forced to sell to save themselves. US$ fall like a rock. Does gold go up?

Again, why are gov'mts buying gold at a record pace? Is a debt reset in the cards with an annually adjustable gold standard? Pick a number $10K/oz, $20K/oz or even higher!

I put to you all...Do you hear any talk about balancing budgats and reducing debt?

Current world debt is about $380TUS with a GDP of $75TUS.(500%)

Debt was the issue 95 yrs ago and seems to be the underlining issue today.

Finally, keep your gold. It's not going to be worth more. It's all the currencies that are going to be worthless.