What am I referring to you may wonder? As always please do you your own DD, what I'm about to convey is strictly my own due dilligence, I have no contact with the Company. 

Originally I was scratching my head as to what was transpiring with Toroparu, everything was on track for production in 2024.

Toroparu key points

  1. Construction was on track , actually better
  2. All equipment purchased 
  3. Contractor chosen to mine project
  4. Camp & Road being built 
  5. Prefeasibilty was scheduled for August ( I suspect the mineable reserves surpassed expectations)
  6. Drilling was continuing 
  7. Cost of operation within budget
  8. Investment to be paid off within 2 years
  9. Production to stabilize between 230,000 oz to 250,000oz gold in second year of prod
Everything was on track, actually better than expected so why the reassessment? So here's the catch, gold has stabilized in fact it's going to go much higher in a super cycle, now add in the copper component that is screaming for more product moving forward. I suspect management is focused on expanding the project to 300,000 to 400,000 oz gold and starting phase 2 of copper flotation earlier than in the original PEA. If you think I'm out to lunch on this I would suggest you look at what Barrick Gold is doing with their Reko Diq Project. Yes lady and gentlemen they are doubling their production goal on their copper gold project. In short those in the know understand now is the time to double down on these exceptional projects. My expectations on gold/ silver pricing can be viewed on the bullboard of Aftermath Silver. I've actually done a valuation model on Aris Mining, current valuations are at about 1/3 of where they should be currently.  Published reserve numbers on Aris Mining are fractional to what they will be in the future, a key point many disregard is the brown field potential,  especially when the geology is as consistent as it is in Columbia. In summation watch for expansion of the Toroparu Project, that's my best estimation, as always do your own DD and come to your own conclusions.