Thanks Rotax1 for your post. I also have a considerable position in the B warrants. 

Just like to mention current gold price is $1808 up $10 from friday. US$ index is at 104.21 down 0.29 and seems the way is clear for it to retrace to 98.....would make gold about $1900.

Some of the things people don't talk about are, US trade imbalance, increasing interest costs on the $31.3T debt and the impact on the current years budget $1T deficit may become $2T, liquidity cruch the Fed is causing selling bonds back into the market and removing cash, interest rate impacts on the US housing market.....HUGE impact on all associated businesses, US$ vulnerability with $7.3T debt outside of the country, ongoing dedollarization in various countries moving into gold, just to name a few.

Should be an interesting winter and spring!