There's a lot of effort being put in trying desperately to talk prices down , seems every talkinghead can see the future clearly . Reality says depending on the length and severity of this winter , EU demand and the length of spring before the heat shows up are all wild cards in this game . Last summer had draws on gas storage from June to early Sept due to cooling and electricity demand . 

Its tax loss selling season and the pundits want to give you a multiple of reasons to sell your shares cheap , you're better off turning off the computer and checking back in Jan . Freeport LNG will be restarting any day now but that fact is never mentioned or its effects discussed . Bir trades on an unpredictable pattern which generally has it going opposite to the sector . I like the Bir story but I never feel I have a handle on where it is going , I watch it with amazement but its hard to understand the de-coupling from its piers .