PlutusofCrete wrote:

They believe prices will decline after the spring due to rising production levels. 

So what is the exit strategy on BIR...sell in the peak of the Winter or hold long and wait until 2025 LNG Canada all the while collecting a divy? Govt taxation is a risk through all of this and a potential conservative win in the 2025 federal election could also be a tailwind. There is so much to consider. 

I tend to get burned with the sell and buy back lower approach. Have been holding BIR since 2017 and glad I have not been selling and buying as I probably would have missed the big run up. 

I am still a believer in $15-$20 price target but wonder how long will it take to see this price reached. 

Thoughts team? 

valid points.  Well done.  I still stand by my prediction of $3 to $5.50 ng gas trading at some point.
If my memory serves me correct(don't take my word), birch used $3.50 ng and $70 oil for healthy future divs.  That could have changed or my memory may be incorrect.  

 Now, if the feds decide to make a grab or some unforeseen event occurs then who knows.  Will there be a recession?  Interest rate announcement next week.  Will that have any effect?  The elites push agendas such as the great reset.  Will they fail?  This is concerning, for example,