How Is The Dow And S&P Down So Little?
The Kobeissi Letter:
  We currently have: 

1. $2 trillion lost in crypto and the collapse of FTX
2. 80%+ of tech stocks in bear market territory
3. Biggest wave of tech layoffs since 2001
4. Fastest falling housing market since 2011
5. Worst earnings since Q3 2020 

How is the S&P 500 only down 18%?

The Average Person Is Drowning In Debt
The Kobeissi Letter:
  JUST IN: Total household debt jumped by $351 billion last quarter, the largest quarterly increase since 2007. 

This puts total household debt at a record $16.5 trillion. 

Mortgage balances are up a record $1 trillion this year and credit card debt is up 15%. What could go wrong?