HAVE NOT changed since I started investing more than 40 years ago. Just look at this scenario, 
We all agree that CR has gone up thousands of percentages in the last 2 years or so. Some bought this early and some bought this just rescently, but the point is, you people are STILL here and owning the stock which you should have sold at the incredibly high value aroiund 6 dollars. So, the ones who didn't seel but bought early, you will do just fine but the rescent buyers and ALL CURRENT OWNERS will say, but it will go HIGHER even at 6 dollars and so you don't sell. when it reaches 6 you say but it's going to 8 and so on and you never sell and here is what happens when it starts to come down, you say, but it will rise tomorrow and on and on until some will loose the gains they made and even their own money. Do you know what people like that are called ??? Yes you guessed it, they are called 
BAGGHOLDERS. The lesson here is; NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A STCK ESPECIALLY IF YOU OWN SHARES IN IT. Make money and move on and CR has made some huige amounts of money, but GREED is for PIGS, not INVESTORS.