If there is financing that is needed there are two options: 1. Go to the Bank and get a Line of credit using the contracts from ARC and Dept of Veterans. 2. Go to the more likely source Baxter and ask them to give their 2nd tranche a little earlier. We have signed a contract with them and now seeing what Dialco has done with Arc and Veteran 's Dept, it might be to their benefit. If there is a financing coming out in the way of warrants, first right should go out to the existing shareholders (we have kept the company a float for all these years). l would love to see a Shareholder Ombudsman selected to sit on the Board and responsible for sitting on the Compensation Committee in charge of looking at Management Compensation. Also, should be in charge of shareholder updates. I invested in this company as they were looking to get rid of sepsis in North America and still believe we are on the right track. I remember the cardiac discovery so you know I am a Long.