Why that's the exact same nickname SouthernTierTom gave me!


It's almost as though he's still here!

mercedesman wrote: Gerbalmeister

If you'd like, I can be constructive on your posts too !

For example from you July 20th post

"I'm a relative newcomer. But I've been here long enough to have been sadly holding an almost empty bag on Oct. 3, 2016 when the previous trial failed. Now that things are looking up I'm glad I held on to my original shares. I just bought more at 46 cents. " -Gm

Good on ya for buying last month !.   Only one small problem,  you should have sold .50- .55 and then waited for a buy-back opportunity  (e.g today's 25% off recent highs).  Low volume, and lack of follow-thru creates all kinds of opportunities if you can read the tea leaves.  But credit to you for hanging in post Oct 3, 2016, and for being half right of late.