blindpig wrote: Evertz is a highly profitable company and the leader in video processing for media. I previously owned shares in both Leitch and Miranda, Burlington ON companies in the same space that were taken out for good profits. I think one of the head guys of Evertz worked for Leitch. I always wanted to buy shares In Evertz and Covid gave me the opportunity at a good price.  Since the two guys that run it, and own 60% of the shares, like to give out all excess cash as dividends it kind of replaces capital growth.  These guys are not getting any younger and they likely will eventually also sell out for a good premium. Leitch and Miranda went for about 2x the current trading price.  Until then I'm happy to collect the dividend and specials.  

Agreed. And this one is well under the radar.  High insider ownership, numerous special dividends from real profits, and under the radar....can't get much better.