Hey guys,

Any longer term investors willing to give me insight into how FN raises new capital when needed over the years?

I'm in MKP (heavily) and very pleased with how they treat us shareholders as when they need to raise capital they come to us and give rights offerings at 5-15% discounts on new shares, they have done this twice in the past year with very strong responses from us shareholders over subscribing to these rights offerings. The reason I say this is share holder freindly is it is a non dilutive way for them to raise capital.

I also own FC which when they need new capital they do private placements which is dilutive to us share holders, they completed one recently.

I'm looking to replace my investment in FC (and likely increase) in my margin account, MKP was my leading candidate but they are being taken off the LSERM, I already use FC for LSERM capabilities which FN also shares so it makes it a solid candidate. I also have strong interest in BRE, but it's a strict yield chase with little prospect of growth.

I've only been aware of this company for a few months, but I haven't done more than a surface look as what I've seen sounds like there is more risk here than others in the sector, but has better growth potential. I also see the payout history that continually trends positively.

Thank you for your time in response.