It's been over a decade that I posted on Stockhouse.  I just can't find much discussion concerning Aris/GCM.  I like the merger and the growth potential of the combined New Aris.  My investment is concentrated on accumulating Aris C$2.75 strike warrants with expiry July 2025.  Right now they are trading at C$0.20.

There's a microcap (C$29 million) that I have a good sized position in operating in Colombia, Soma Gold (SOMA.V).  They are materially increasing gold production this year and will be reporting a record quarter of earings, cash flow and revenue in a couple of weeks.  They are producing cash flow (EBITDA) on an annual basis of C$31 million with quarterly gold production of 7,500 ounces.  Soma has guided that in early 2023 they will be running at a rate of 9,000 ounces per quarter.

Go to the link below and view their latest presentation.  One thing that stood out to me is AISC is expected to be under $900/ounce by the end of this year.  I should point out that insiders have a ton of skin in the game.  Management owns 71% of all the outstanding shares.  If another miner (perhaps New Aris) buys them out, shareholders will be well represented.  Anyway, Soma is a profitable miner and looks to have a really bright future considering its tiny market capitalization.