The warrants are not very liquid except today nearly 190,000 traded and maybe three or 4 days in the last 12 months had we more than 100,000 traded ---however the news release makes ORE a produced and more activity may occur  an expectation of much higher share price in the  next 30 days and thus the leverage in the short term. The warrants need to be excercised by Jan 23rd ( I think) so I added some warrants to my position when the price of the share was lower - this was added to the position I got from the PP.  I decided to this fully expecting the share price to be higher than when I bought them  based on the mine functioning as laid out by the CEO---- There is always risk the shares may drop but not in my vision.
So If by Jan 10th the share is trading at $2.00 the warrant would be at least worth a $1.00, Then I must decide to sell at $1.00 and reduce my overall risk or double down and buy the shares at .80 --A decision I would love to have