lawriep wrote:
As I have read through an amount of posts, where the main themes are anger, resentment, confusion or capitulation, understandably so, as I have also had a journey through those emotional badlands too.
The one post I was hoping to come across was where someone (Rodger1234)  would explain the best way to get these emotions to the proper regulatory body.
I tried the other day and was completly run around. Nobody seems to have the jurisdiction, that brought me to the third emotion, capitulation, which on reflection I think was the idea, but I still firmly believe our best way out of this is to make so much noise that the powers that be will have no choice but to act in an ethical way and do their job to help the small and/or unsophisticated   investor.
Let's stop being the moaning rable they expect and get them to do thier job.
Or am I wrong and we go back and do what they expect of us.

Hi Lawpier:

I have stopped making calculations about rights and PLI's future mkt cap for now. I see enough red lights to pause and breathe. I can redo all those calculations on a moment's notice if I feel it is worth the trouble.

Keep on trying to move the regulatory authorities in our direction. WE need several hundred complaints and angry letters to them and quick.  Short of cancelling SALP's share conversion -- which I doubt they will do -- they could at least serve PLI a dire warning and ask them to change the Rights offer to give us a better deal. Is it happens, I will then revisit the offer and do some new calculations.

For now, my energy, here and in other forums, is to swamp the AMF and their political masters with facts and arguments as to why they should not -- and cannot afford -- to let this go by without strong action.

We are not alone in this fight. I know some investors who had millions of shares and will go from riches to near-poverty if they can't recoup some of their losses. Many of them have been with PLI for much longer than me, sometimes by staying along when the company in which they had invested in was bought by PLI and they where convinced by Laurin, Pritchard, other BoD members, and the constant re-assuring tone of SALP's representative to stay in. 

Best to you.