1st: put the cie on hold, wait, wait and wait, create an financial emergency and finally get 85% of the cie at 0$ cost, done/check. 2nd: get millions (38) from us at 0$ cost, done/check 3rd: get more cash flow with a 15$/s (1000/1 RS) IPO on Nasdaq at 0$ cost, almost done  4th: to help the IPO , publish a good news or 2 before it goes on Nasdaq 5th: starting the same strategy ,  wait, wait and wait the much possible BEFORE any more good news, stall the FDA and clinic conclusion, 6th: Wait for the share to go down the drain on Nasdaq mid-2020 (5$ ? = 0,005$ ) and bring the Cie  private and offer to buy all shares '' generosely''  on Nasdaq for a big 100% more (10$ = 0,01$ X 1000/1)) . Finally, 7th:  MAKING billions and billions starting in 2021.