Speciallygood wrote: Why don't you stick to your favourite board of IPPLF   where you have muttered hundreds of  BS opinions.You might think your an expert...But...I think your more of and old Fart with a fading memory !

The reality is that my posts on the old IPL Bullboard proved correct - Brookfield easily won with their improved cash bid.
in the case of PMT, I posted in July last year that PMT had lost their appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada on the Sequoia transaction. Hugo replied that an appeal of the second decision of Judge Blair was pending. On March 25, 2022, the Alberta Court of Appeal found in favor of PWC - PMT lost.  Nonetheless, on March 30, 2022, Hugo's post included this sentence "Hopefully the appeal is in Perpetual's favour and the stock will continue to rise."  My current posts include links to the appeal decisions. Hugo's posts are based on pure conjecture which has been proven to be completely incorrect.
However, I recognize that Susan Rose is a very impressive executive with extraordinary skills In structuring transactions. It is very possible that PMT will succeed in spite of the legal setbacks. In addition, she is married to Mike Rose who I believe is the premier energy executive in this era.