Hey narmac, gen360 and GV. There is some good news. RVX and ZCC each have only 1 problem to solve and I believe that problem will be solved in the next 3 years. The timing is just a guess but time is ticking and he is getting old. ORI Capital is watching their investment sink just like the rest of us abused shareholders.

Solving this one big problem will release an enormous amount of wealth to shareholders instantaneously in my opinion.

I wonder, as Don is taking stock of 2021, what he has in his top 5 list of achievements for the year? hahahahahahahahahahaha..... I think he is sitting back with a big stoggy lighting it with a burning $1,000 bill and a bottle of brandy at his side and his feet up by the fireplace and laughing his head off saying "I can't imagine how I got this completely incompetetent Board of Directors to pay me $30,000/month  and $1,700,000 in incentives to achieve absolutely nothing except to drive the share price down."

As you say narmac....you can't make this stuff up   :)

So good luck to all of you guys and gals. I still think I'm going to make some money on this stock (even if Hepa takes us out). It will be a pure science play with a large drag on value caused by management.

Merry Christmas and GLTA.