Yes jkj. It is a crying shame to see a snake oil saleman running a potentially break through biotech into the ground and continuously selling shares a bargain basement prices. This level of incompetence is neither necessary nor justified.

Can you think back to any event in which Don has proven his competence or clearly demonstrated that he is worth a $2,000,000 total compensation package?

Everything has has done seems to be due to small thinking and a cost driven attitude;
  1. Failure to conduct futility anaylsis on 2 key trials.
  2. Small sample sizes on trials thus resulting in the trials being underpowered.
  3. Concentration of shareholder ownership in two companies.
  4. Continuous share offerings at excessively low prices.
  5. Failure to develop competent marketing and PR functions.
  6. Failure to capitalice on the FDA's breakthrough designation.
  7. Etc.

This is in large part because Don is uneducated in biotech finance and business and he has zero credibility.

My original hope 11 years back when I first got involved at $7/share was a pride in being an investor in a small Canadian biotech that was going to change modern medicine and to be Canadian based. With Don in control my hopes are dashed. I'm still invested because I believe in the science but the business side is such a horribly catestrophic disaster and there does not seem to be a good end coming. Possibly the BOD fuelled by ORI Capital will do their job but there are no signs of that yet.

Don is a phoney plane and simple. I remain puzzled as to why Dr Wong and other scientists want to remain associated with Don. These are reputable scientists. Is it blind friendship or is he a good enough sugar daddy to keep the science rolling irrespective of the business? Really, what gives?

Anyway, it's 2022 and I'm going for my jog to start the year.

All the best to all retail shareholders.
Toinv      :)